General Questions

We have partnered with local nonprofits to keep gently used items local, while those that are not reusable are recycled and kept out of our local landfills.

We accept clothing, shoes, purses and backpacks. New or used items are welcome as long as they are not wet or molded.

Yes, all donations can be used for a tax write off. If a receipt is needed for your records please contact us and a receipt will be mailed to you.

Collection Bin Questions

Eco World takes full responsibility for the cleanliness and neatness of the donation bin and its surroundings. We make sure that they are emptied weekly, freshly painted with no graffiti, always locked and clean of trash and weeds. If the property owner notices any damage or unsightly surrounding of the bin between our pickups we have our personal number listed to be contacted immediately.

ECO World is a locally owned and operated company. We hire local which allows us to take immediate action. The bins are on routes and emptied as needed by the location. If a location fills up fast the location will be on route more frequently, or multiple bins can be added with the property owner�s permission.

The donation bins are approximately 4ft. By 3ft. By 6ft. For outdoor locations.

The donation bins are best placed in a visible area to the public with easy access to the drop door where the clothing and shoes are placed. The more people can visibly see the bin the more donations will be given and out of our landfills.

Yes, the business that allows the bin to placed on their property is donating the space for the bin to be placed. Please consult your accountant.

No, Eco World works with multiple charities, churches and thrift stores. We can provide new product and work with local thrifts and charities by purchasing the product that can not be sold or that is overfilling their capacity.